Grindon Hall Christian School

Per pietatem ad gaudium

Pennywell Road, Sunderland, SR4 8PG | T: 0191 534 4444

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Term Dates
Term Dates 2016-2017
Michaelmas First Half 2016 Begins Mon 12th Sept 2016
Ends Fri 21st Oct 2016
Half Term
Begins Mon 24th Oct 2016
Ends Fri 28th Oct 2016
Second Half 2016 Begins Mon 31st Oct 2016
Ends Fri 16th Dec 2016
Staff Training: Thu 8th,Fri 9th September and Mon 21st November 2016


First Half 2017 Begins Mon 9th Jan 2017
Ends Fri 17th Feb 2017
Lent Half Term Begins Mon 20th Feb 2017
Ends Fri 24th Feb 2017
Second Half 2017 Begins Mon 27th Feb 2017
Ends Fri 31st Mar 2017


Trinity First Half 2017 Begins Mon 24th Apr 2017
Ends Fri 26th May 2017
Trinity Half Term

Begins Mon 29th May 2017
Ends Fri 2nd Jun 2017

Second Half 2017 Begins Mon 5th Jun 2017
Ends Thu 20th Jul 2017
Bank Holidays Monday 1st May 2017


Parents must ensure holidays are not booked during term time.

Students are not required to be in school on staff training days.


Return to school: Monday 11th September 2017

Term Dates 2017-2018
MichaelmasFirst Half 2017Begins Mon 11th Sept 2017
Ends Fri 20th Oct 2017
Half Term
Begins Mon 23rd Oct 2017
Ends Fri 27th Oct 2017
Second Half 2017Begins Mon 30th Oct 2017
Ends Fri 15th Dec 2017
Staff Training: Thu 7th,Fri 8th September and Mon 20th November 2017


First Half 2018Begins Mon 8th Jan 2018
Ends Fri 16th Feb 2018
Lent Half TermBegins Mon 12th Feb 2018
Ends Fri 16th Feb 2018
Second Half 2018Begins Mon 19th Feb 2018
Ends Thur 29th Mar 2018


Staff Training: Friday 9th February
TrinityFirst Half 2018Begins Mon 23rd Apr 2018
Ends Fri 25th May 2018
Trinity Half Term

Begins Mon 28th May 2018
Ends Fri 1st Jun 2018

Second Half 2018Begins Mon 4th Jun 2018
Ends Fri 20th Jul 2018
Bank HolidaysMonday 7th May 2018